The Hotel industry gains from offering a good loyalty program to their guests and members. Aspen Loyalty Management Solution provides all the tools you need to better manage and communicate the benefits of your Loyalty program with your customers. Guests and members that engage in a loyalty program are more likely to increase their spending with the Hotel and/or Club. Along with a well-defined program, Aspen can help you with all the data gathering and reporting to better manage your Loyalty program.

With so many types of loyalty programs that offer a wide array of benefits such as allowing guests and members to trade points for rebates or gift certificates to stores, free stays, concerts or events, etc. Gathering and managing the data through loyalty programs can be very challenging. No matter what type of rewards program your property chooses, we provide you with a customizable module that facilitate the Loyalty Program management.

Aspen offers a full set of feature rich modules specific to the Hotel Loyalty Club Industry such as: Flexible Membership management (Customized Database Management), Integration with PMS, Rewards and Benefits, Real Time Reporting and KPI’s, Automated Marketing and Email, Mobile Application & Web Functionality, Tiered membership levels and multiple rewards, Member Portal.

These are just a few of the system modules specific to the Hotel Loyalty Club Industry which may be considered to customize an Aspen Management solution for your club.


Integrating all departments into one CENTRALISED club management system


A powerful integrated AR solutions for your whole club business. Account Payable, General Ledger, Accounts Recievealable, Club Credits, Payroll, Purchase Orders, Folio etc.


A powerful integrated tool to manage your staff activities. from salary, attendance, to leave, and family members.

Retail POS

Our retail POS can be used for front desk, pro-shop and fully integrates with our facility booking, account recievalable and membership modules.


We offer our own F&B POS or we can connect to your existing system.


Our inventory management system manages all your stock requirements, in and out, stock levels, purchase order etc.


A powerful integrated AR solutions for your whole club business. Account Payable, General Ledger, Accounts Recievealable, Club Credits


Manage your guests more effectively and turn them into members.

Facility Booking

No more pen and paper booking. It not only managed booking of swimming lessons, tennis courts, bowling lanes, classes but also manages coaches, attendance, and commissions.


Manage all your events with our event manager, from product rentals, equipment, venues, furnishings as well as member booking.



A digitized solution to the mounds of paper members generate provides instant access to members files and club documents.


Customised dashboards for management, front desk, marketing and sales gives each department an instant overview of your club business.

Mobile, iPad

Empower your staff and members with our web and mobile solutions, like electronic singnatures, online bookings and member statements.


With over 300 reports Aspen puts you in control of your all aspects of your business in real time.


Communicate with your members like never before, with our powerful digital marketing solutions, with respons and trackable emarketing.

Customised Solutions

No two clubs are the same. We customise our sofware to meet the specific needs of your Club and affer on going development to grow with you as your Club grows.

On Site Training

We train all users on our software so they can get the maximum out of our system, from data entry, to scheduling, to reports.

Lifetime Upgrades

Our software is designed to last the lifetime of your Club. We are constantly developing new modules and feaatures and we offer free upgrades of our system for the lifetime of your Club.